It's Been A While~~


It's been a while...



VISIT MY JOURNAL!!!milkysmile

Just wanna say that milkysmile ONLY...

Well, see ya..milkysmile

P/s: Not so soon I think..about half a year later..maybe..not sure..milkysmile
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Domo~~ milkysmile

Can't believe it's already Year 2014..I gonna be a year older this year..milkysmile

Oh, well..

Then, this year my wish is:-

1) 8 Hours sleep a day
2) Gain weight by 1 Kg and lose weight by 2 kg (Ermmm..not possible ne~~ milkysmile)
3) Taller by 1 cm
4) A lot of Holidays this year
5) Find a comfortable bed
6) Change new cupboard
7) Fix the sink (Maybe I should buy a new one??)
8) Hang out a lot
9) Lessen the weirdness & quirkiness level
10) . . . . . (I'll think about it later milkysmile)

Okay, maybe that's all..I think..

Jaa ne~~
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Kikuchi Fuma in New Dorama~~


First thing first, I want to say is KYAAAAAAAA!!!! milkysmile

Finally Kikuchi Fuma got in a new DORAMA..I'm really waiting for this since he already a collage student *seems to be more kakkoi~*.. milkysmile I just got the information just a few minutes ago..I'm pretty sure everyone know about this news already..but still, I want to share it..

Well, the title is KAMEN TEACHER..

Basically this is the live action from a manga titled 'Kamen Teacher'/'Mask Teacher'..It will premiers on 6th July 2013..

A simple synopsis of the story is the lead role; Gota Araki, a teacher that was transferred to a new high school after a certain incident. This time, he will handle class 2-C, which composes of problem students led by the one called "M4". To reach to his students, Araki resorts in using the power of the mask..

As I know for now, the cast include:
Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2) - Lead Role / Gota Araki
Aya Omasa - English Teacher
Kikuchi Fuma (Sexy Zone) - Leader of Class 2-C & M4

Addional Cast:
Lewis Jesse (Johnny's Jr.)
Kishi Yuta (Johnny's Jr.)
Kyomoto Taiga (Johnny's Jr.)
Takada Sho (Johnny's Jr.)
Tsukada Ryoichi (A.B.C-Z)

Okay, that's all the information that I got..I think I got pretty late to know about this news..well, TOO LATE!! to be exact..but it won't matter, right?! milkysmile

I can't wait for this dorama to be airing..milkysmile definitely gonna download it..

P/S: I got the info from Everything credit to it as the info is not mine.. milkysmile

Well then, Jaa ne~~ milkysmile
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Domo~~~~ Photobucket

Just drop by to my journal to say that I'M BACK TO READ FAN FICTION... Photobucket

For now, I think maybe I/m gonna read one shot-type only since I don't think I'll be able to read chaptered-type one...

Hisashiburi ne~~ I wonder how long I've been stopped to read fanfic..especially Hey SeY Jump Fanfic...Btw, my favourite pairing is YabuHika or HikaBu.. Photobucket love their friendship..

Okay, that's all for today entry..


P/S: Eating toast when writing this usual ne~~ Photobucket
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New Housemate a.k.a Roommate!!!

As the title mention. I'm getting a new housemate a.k.a roommate in 3 days time..Photobucket

Well, not sure she will move in on the Saturday but I'll be waiting for her..

A little bit info I new about her:- Photobucket

First, When I said 'she' it means ''girl' which is, it already clear that my new roommate will be a girl, right?! Photobucket Since the house is for girls only already of coz it would be a girl who'll be my new roommate..

Second, She's 26 years old this year if I'm not mistaken..So, she's 4 years older than me..Guess she'll be more matured than me, right?! Even though I don't think I'm matured already even when I'm 22 y/o this year..Photobucket Well, in terms of mentality that is..

Third, she will be working with me at the same workplace..Well, she will be under training and observation for 3 month before she will be a permanent worker..I think she's lucky since I've been under observation for 6 month before I've been a permanent staff..Good luck for her then!! Gonna pray for her luck too!! Photobucket

Forth, She will be my roommate..I don't know how many times I keep repeating this..Photobucket Oh well, let's just forget about it, okay..

Fifth, I saw her picture *in her resume, actually*, so, at least I know her face, right?! Btw, She's quite beautiful..

Sixth, I think that's all I know about my new roommate..Not much of an information..huhu Photobucket

Okay, that's all for today journey..Until next time..

P/S: Wasting my time since I HAVE TOO MANY FREE TIMES today..Photobucket Even though I'm working right now and it's still during working hour..Okay, back to work..
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Sleepy~~ Photobucket

I'm sleepy~~~

Too sleepy~~

Wanna sleepppp~~~

Sleepy~~ Photobucket

I'm sleepy~~~

Too sleepy~~

Wanna sleepppp~~~

Sleepy~~ milkysmile

I'm sleepy~~~

Too sleepy~~

Wanna sleepppp~~~
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Happy Mother's Day

Maybe this is 1 day early to say it but..

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Photobucket

To all moms in the world and especially to my mom ..hehe ^^

Btw, here mother's day cake..

Mother's Day Cake

Well, I already say it..

Okay that's all for today entry..a really short one, though..Photobucket but never mind that..

See ya again..Photobucket
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Just Recovered~~~~ \(^-^)/

Yayyy for me!!! Photobucket

I just recovered from a terrible sickness..well, just kidding..I only got a high fever, stomachache, nausea, headache and minor diarrhea..ermm, not much, that's all..I'm getting ALL OF THAT at ONCE..Photobucket Quiet a combination, huh!!

I already went to nearest clinic..getting a shot (I hate needles!!) and take all the medicines I need (Too many medicines, I tell you)..Photobucket I've been told I have a high fever, I guess maybe that's why I have headache..btw, I get 2 days MC which I only requested for 1 day since I have so many works at the office and I can't have to much holidays, right!! I think so..but my body just don't agree with my mind so I did MC for 2 days..

I forget to tell the reason how do I get all of this sickness..hehe Photobucket

I just back from overseas on last Sunday and I got sick on the next day..maybe because the food I ate or the water I drank..I don't know which is it..but I'm glad I'm HEALTHY again!! Photobucket

I still need to eat the medicines and eat healthy food..btw, doctor says I need to avoid oily and fried food and milk..I guess I need to eat porridge for the whole week..

That's all for today journal..

Gudluck for me..hehe Photobucket
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Its's raining again..yesterday..Photobucket

More like heavy rain though..with the thunder and's really make me scared..

Well, I am more afraid of the lightning than the thunder since thunder is just a noise while lightning can struck you..Photobucket Usually I'll hide under the table when I'm smaller but now, I just stay in my room..

To be honest, I'm not afraid as much as I used to when I'm little..hehe

Btw, talking about rain, I almost late to work today..well, you know..It's really cold in the morning after the rain stop..the best time to snuggle in my blanket..Photobucket really warm..a nice feeling..right?!

Leave that aside, I love rain..except for the thunder and lightning..I love to play under the rain..but rarely to have the chance since my mother will nagging me even after the rain stops..Photobucket well, just my nature as a kid though..still..I love to play under the rain..even now..hehe

That's all for today entry..hihiPhotobucket

P/S: I'm still sleepy though..
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Once a Month Room Cleaning~~

Yayyyyyy!!! milkysmile

or should I say---

'Oh, no!! It's that day again..' milkysmile

Whatever it is, I need to clean up my it seems like a GHOST HOUSE to me..with spider's web scattered on the ceiling and dust everywhere..It just to messy for me to live in the room now *just think that the room is not in the orderly manner now*..

This is one of my rules cleaning once a month including the bathroom since my room is the master bedroom one, with bathroom inside it..

And the best part of it, I OWN THE WHOLE BEDROOM FOR MYSELF milkysmile

Maybe I should do room cleaning twice a month..but I'm just to lazy to do it since I'm just a LAZY GIRL..
Once a month is good enough, right??milkysmile

Well, I should get going..or my lazy meter will rise up soon..milkysmile

See, ya..milkysmile

*finding a vacuum cleaner* Smiley

P/s: I think this my first time using emoticons in my journal..milkysmile
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