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Breaking into thousands of pieces

*My Heart*

Just call me fiz-chan <3
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Hello~~ Konnichiwa~ ^_^

Well, I'm just a simple person..

Like Korean, Japanese, Chinese movies n songs....
Love to commenting rather than posting anything..haha XDDDD

I don't write any fan-fiction but I love to read it ^^
n Hika-chan is my ichiban in Hey Sey JUMP..(I'm a bit Hika-chan biased, I guess so..*whacked*)

Btw, I also love Super Junior since 2006 when Don't Don MV is coming out..I fall in love with all of them since then..I even bought their DVDs n CDs coz it's easily to find than HSJ..Suju are the first boy's group I know before HSJ..I started to know HSJ on 2010 n barely knows them at first..well, lack of info n free time (I'm studying in University at that time)..^^

(Feb 2012)

I already finish my studies..yayyyyyy!!! \(^_^)/ *throw confetti at me*

Since 1st March 2012, I already started to work at the same agency during my internship..I don't know until when..maybe a year or two..I'm gonna do my hardest..I don't how hard it's gonna be *whacked* but ganbatte to me.. >_<

(March 2012 - Present 2014)

It's almost 2 years now I've been working at the same agency..Gained many experience now but I guess there's more to learn..huhu ^^ Gonna work hard~~ >_<

I think that's all about me..I think.. /(^_^')